JAH Consulting (Pty)Ltd specialises in gathering socio-economic data which is tailored to the needs of your project or study. Utilising innovative technology with cross-cutting data quality checking and verification methods, we guarantee quality data that is accurate and reliable. Outsourcing your data gathering phase is made cost-effective and allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your project or study. JAHConsulting (Pty)Ltd specialises in gathering household-level health or census data and/or resettlement-related asset and land inventories. The latter includes conducting land-based cadastral surveys using android tablets and satellite imagery combined to guarantee high data validity.

We manage your project or study’s entire data gathering phase from:

  • Questionnaire design & translations;
  • Questionnaire coding on android tablets;
  • Fieldwork recruitment & training;
  • Fieldwork logistical planning arrangements;
  • Daily fieldwork management;
  • Data quality checks and verifications;
  • Database construction and data quality assurance;
  • Data analysis;
  • Basic mapping; and
  • Reporting (if required).

JAH Consulting (Pty)Ltd uses Android tablet devices for data gathering. This tablet is the size of a smart phone, and also capture photos and GPS coordinates. This makes data gathering cost-effective as it saves time in the field and ensures that the data can be verified immediately after survey forms are completed. Data is immediately captured on the tablet, and can be downloaded daily into any social statistical database (such as Microsoft Access or SPSS) for each household and respondent, along with relevant GPS coordinates and photographs. This process is highly advanced and has worked extremely successfully for numerous social projects undertaken by Anton in very remote and rural African settings.

The same tablet is used to undertake cadastral surveys for resettlement projects. Anton has tailored an approach to survey landholding ‘blocks’ and assigning numbers to these land parcels which are then linked to household-level socio-economic data in a database. On the tablet, each land parcel is categorised by the fieldworker into various categories (crops, tree crops, structures, cultivated land etc.) after which assets are measured, pictures taken and coordinates captured. This data is immediately stored on a database which allows Anton to verify the data and surveyed land polygons immediately after these have been captured in the field. This guarantees data that is accurate and reliable. Most importantly, it ensures the speedy transfer of the data to the client without having to wait weeks for the data to be captured, cleaned and populated. The client is also continuously updated as to the data gathering process through data spreadsheets and mapping.